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Dr. Keith Charlton

Keith Charlton is a licensed chiropractor. He has years of experience in chiropractic therapy and treatment. Dr Keith Charlton (Chiropractor) specialises in pain relief treatments for all ages. He is well-trained in various kinds of chiropractic techniques such adjustments, trigger point therapy, motion palpation, ultrasounds etc.

“My sons are now chiropractors after briefly exploring a few different career paths.
The joy of helping others is what makes me look forward to coming to work everyday and makes me go home happily each day”
-Dr Keith Charlton (Chiropractor).

Dr Keith (chiropractor) was inspired to become a chiropractor because of his mother. When he was young, his mother had suffered from severe neck and arm pain that kept her in bed for 9 months, unable to sit up properly. It was the chiropractor who was able to help his mother. This inspired Dr Charlton to take up chiropractic as his career path.

Dr Keith Charlton (chiropractor) has treated thousands of patients over the years with various kinds of ailments. He has helped people with pain reduction, get better mobility and live a healthy life.

He has practiced all over the world. Early in his chiropractic career he realise that there was criticism about the lack of evidence surrounding chiropractic care. As a result many people are cautious about visiting chiropractors. He wanted to make a contribution to the chiropractic research. He began to extensively research chiropractic treatments all around the world over 30 years ago, making several significant contributions.

He has published his findings in peer reviewed indexed journals.

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He attended National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois, graduating in 1975.

He also holds the following degrees


DC - Doctor Of Chiropractic


MPhil- Master of Philosophy degree from Griffith University in Brisbane, for original research in diagnostic imaging.


MPainMed- Masters of Pain Medicine degree from the Faculty of Medicine at Newcastle University, first chiropractor in the world to hold this degree.


Doctor of Philosophy degree in medicine at the Mayne Medical School at the University of Queensland for research on spinal bone motion imaging.

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