Headache And Migraines

Headaches and migraines can be triggered by multiple factors. For some it is digestive issues for others it is anxiety. For some it is triggered by sun exposure and others it is triggered by certain drugs.

Migraines are often connected to neck pain for many people. Herniated Cervical disc or some sort of problem in the spinal cord can cause migraines along with back pain.
Headache due to neck pain can either be ever-present pain in the back of your head. Or it may be like a sharp shooting pain on your temple or behind your eyes. Certain headaches feel more intense when you try to move your head while some headaches move down your back causing pain on your shoulders as well.

Migraine due to neck pain is often accompanied by a stiff neck and can affect the range of motion of your head.

We figure out if your migraine is caused due to neck discomfort or a neck injury by proper physical evaluation. Our chiropractors go through your medical records and perform lab tests to determine the most effective treatment plan for your migraine.

How Neck Pain Causes Headaches And Migraines

Any trauma on the cervical disc can put pressure on the spinal nerves. It can cause headaches and pain in the neck and spine. For people over the age of 50, degenerating cervical disc is the major cause of migraines and headaches.



Arthritis can cause degeneration of the spinal cord which can further cause headaches. Some common types of Arthritis osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Pulled or strained muscles on your neck can cause stiff neck that can result in headaches and subsequent migraines.


Ruptured disc between the vertebral column can cause severe pain in your neck and head.


Bad pillow can often put strain on your neck causing the nerves on your neck to get pinched, stopping blood circulation to your head which can cause headaches in the morning. The headache due to lack of supply of blood can be a thumping headache followed by feeling of nausea.


Anxiety and lack of sleep can cause and tight neck muscles that triggers migraine for many people.

How We Can Help


We perform spinal manipulation and adjustment therapy to help the neck muscles to relax.


We also provide nutritional advice and dietary supplement along with advice on proper posture and exercises that you can do at home.


We provide pressure point therapy and massage therapy along with adjustments to release any knots from your neck, increasing self healing capacity of the body. Adjustments helps releasing any pinched nerves in the spinal cord and relieving you of pain.

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