Neck Pain

Most of us have suffered from some sort of neck pain at one point in our life. Most neck pain occur due to bad posture or bad sleeping position at night. Holding your head in one position for long hours while driving or working in front of the computer can cause neck pain. It is might be like sharp pain or dull ache. Muscle tightness around the neck and Shoulder can also be spasms in the neck muscles. Neck pain can cause decreased mobility of the neck. It can further cause migraines and headaches. Younger people suffer from wry Neck and wake up with neck pain in the morning. Wry neck can happen due to bad sleeping position or uncomfortable position that can put a strain on the muscles of the neck.



Muscle injury in the neck can happen due to sudden movement of the neck. Sleeping in a bad pillow or sleeping in an uncomfortable position can cause ligaments of the neck muscles to strain or tear causing neck pain.


Herniated discs on your spine can cause the nerves to be pinched or compressed which is one of the factors of neck pain.


Medical condition such as bone diseases and cancers can cause neck discomfort and pain.


Muscle strain soccer due to overuse of muscles when you are sitting in front of the computer. Or doing something else which involves holding up your neck in the same position for long hours. It can strain your neck muscles make them feel tight and cause neck pain.


Arthritis can cause the cartilage between the joints to wear down and deteriorate with age. Without cartilage bones produces friction between the joints and cause severe neck pain every time you try to move it.

How We Can Help


We effectively treat neck pain with chiropractic therapy.


Special chiropractic neck adjustment helps to relieve pain from neck joint that is caused by pinched nerves.


We are a licence chiropractor providing pain management therapy for thousands of patients every year helping them to lead a better lifestyle.


We provide adjustment, exercises and pressure therapy on the muscles and joints with our hands. The controlled application of force pushes the joint beyond its normal mobility range. It loses stiffness in joints and increases mobility. It has shown to be remarkably improve the mobility in people suffering from chronic neck pain.

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