Sciatic nerve extends from the lower back down the back of each leg. Sciatica is a type of pain affecting Sciatic Nerve.

Sciatica causes pain in the lower back that travel down the leg in the rear side and worsens when you try to sit. It can cause severe pain in your hips and a burning or tingling sensation down your legs. In extreme cases it can cause weakness, numbness or immobility in the leg or foot. People suffering from sciatica complaint about constant pain on one side of their rear and a shooting pain while trying to stand.

It may affect one or both sides of the body. Although it commonly affects one side of the lower back. The pain can either worsen with time or come and go for some people.



Sciatica is caused by irritation at the roots of the lower lumbar and lumbosacral spine.


Stenosis usually happens in people aged 50 or older, where their spinal cord narrows down. It can be either be due to changes during Arthritis or some other medical condition. Stenosis can cause severe sciatica pain.


Discs between each vertebral column provide cushioning to the vertebrae. when they degenerate due to age or medical condition it can cause the vertebral column to cause fiction and is painful. This fiction leads to sciatica pain.


Sciatica pain can also be triggered due to spondylolisthesis, which happens when one vertebra slips forward over another one.


Hormonal changes during pregnancy of menstrual cycle can cause sciatica pain.


Being overweight and lack of physical movement can cause Sciatica pain.


sleeping on a bad mattress or on hard surfaces can also triggers Sciatica pain for many.

How We Can Help


After proper diagnosis, a chiropractor will provide a treatment plan for people suffering from sciatica pain.


The treatment may involve spinal adjustments, hot/cold pack therapy, electrical nerve stimulation therapy, pressure point therapy and massage therapy.


The hot and cold therapy can reduce inflammation around the sciatic nerve, electric nerve stimulation can help to reduce muscle spasms and spinal manipulation are used to fix misaligned vertical columns to reduce nerve irritability and alleviate pain.

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