What To Expect

If you are planning to go to a chiropractor you must be wondering what to expect

Chiropractic doctor study chiropractor just like medical doctors. They are  trained in bones, joints, neuromuscular disorders, exercise therapy and nutrition. They do not perform any kind of surgeries or invasive procedures. All their treatment plans are external treatment like adjustments, exercise therapy and massage therapy.

When you go to the chiropractor for the first time they will take your detailed medical history.

Information they might ask while taking your medical history are

What You Need Help With – If you have come to a chiropractor there must be something you need help with. Whether it’s a chronic pain or a sprained muscle or general visit for healthy lifestyle.

Medical Conditions – Chiropractors will want to know about your medical conditions, whether you are suffering from any major illness. Whether you ever suffered from any major illness. If you had any past injuries that they should know about etc.

Medicines – They would want to know about if you take any medicines on a daily basis.

Drug And Alcohol Consumption – Just like any normal medical clinic chiropractors will also want to know about your drug and alcohol consumption to understand your health issue better.

Next they might perform some physical examination to get to know your condition better

The physical exam includes checking all your joints by tapping on moving it manually. They might observe you walk to see your postures. The examiner might also ask you to move your arms and legs to see your range of motion. They may ask you to lift certain things to see your muscle strength and reflexes.

The chiropractors can also suggest lab tests or diagnostic imaging to make the best treatment plan for appropriate treatment.

For the actual treatment, the chiropractor will get you in a comfortable position. They might adjust your spine and other joints to place them into a better position. This manipulation or spinal adjustment can help you with chronic or acute pain along your vertebrae. Adjustment has been shown to help with joint mobility. It loses tight muscles tension, increases elasticity, decreases degeneration of the joint and connective tissues. Reduces inflammation, promotes circulation and speeds up the recovery process in case of muscle injuries. Many people get spine adjustment therapy to enhance their immune system, improve organs such as lungs, heart, digestive system and in many cases it can also help in reducing migraine.

Post Treatment

Once the chiropractic therapy is done your chiropractor may advise you certain exercises to do at home. They can suggest you proper postures to relieve pain. They also advise you with proper diet for complete recovery. They can recommend supplements like vitamins or minerals but they will never prescribe any medicines. They will give you information about the follow visit and a treatment plan.

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